Move Your People to Action with Strategic Storytelling

Are you developing the organization, or bringing new organizations into the system? Tell a story. Are you looking for powerful ways to preserve your culture, archive knowledge, and speed the change process? Tell a story! Organizations all around the world are enlisting their leadership teams in our strategic storytelling program. We'll give you the tools to...

Tell the right story

Activate your voice of leadership

Transform your system

Why should leaders tell stories?


We've helped some of the most influential organizations in the world to harness the power of their stories, including:


“Not just good, but profoundly good. People did not want to leave the session, especially once they started telling stories.”


Our program helps you to... 


Build Leadership Influence

Boost engagement and even belief across your teams while creating alignment around the most urgent work.

Increase Sales

In a world of commoditized innovation, customers and markets are demanding a different kind of dialogue. They’re saying show me who you are. Make me believe. It’s a perfect opportunity for a story. 


Co-create and Share Knowledge

Create deep conversations around identity, values, vision, and learning: Who are we? Who will we become in the future?

Attract Talent

In the war for talent, the millennial and “Z” generations expect to align their aspirations to your authentic purpose. They are asking to hear your story. What are you telling them?



You and your leaders will experience...


Story Finding

Find your truly valuable -- but buried -- “narrative assets.” These are the stories you should be telling about your offering, your identity... and the “why” behind your work. You’ll be amazed when you hear the stories your team has to tell. And so will your stakeholders. 


Story Mapping 

Dive deep into the theory of narrative and human motivation... and then use resources such as the Story Map to construct an unforgettable, strategic story. The result? Maximum engagement for your teams, partners, and customers.


Story Sharing

Bring your teams together to tell and draw meaning from their rich stories. When you do, you create a rich culture a knowledge creation, shared identity, and engaged leadership. Stories are that powerful!


Story Boarding

Develop a new robust language for inviting your teams and organizations into the heroic journey towards the future.

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Our Storytelling for Influence program can be offered as a keynote speech, or as a one-day or two-day program that can be delivered at your location.  Please complete the form below and someone will be in touch within the next 48 hours. 

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