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Full ThrottleŽ business simulation is a fresh new approach to learning business acumen. Most financial simulations reflect industrial age business structures and practices where value is measured primarily in terms of a company’s financials.

Full Throttle is a serious business simulation that builds a new awareness of finance – “the language of business” – and explores the sources of a company’s true economic value which transcend the financial statements.

At the heart of Full Throttle is a large "map" graphic
that renders complesx financial information graphically, simply, and memorably.

The ultimate message of Full Throttle is a powerful one: that a critical engine of shareholder value is the collective knowledge, dedication and energy of the company’s employees.

The Solutions House team developed Full Throttle in partnership with the faculty of a Midwestern College of Business, PhD’s, CPAs, MBAs and corporate subject matter experts.

It is assumed that most managers understand the basic tenets of financial management and yet the reality is that few can recall the practical application of commonly used tools like balance sheet, income statement or cash flow statement. Moreover, many do not understand how to perform critical financial analysis or forecast business results.

If managers are to make solid business decisions, they must have financial acumen proficiency and confidence. In the Full Throttle simulation, participants become the Controller of the Full Throttle Motorcycle Company. In that role, they will:

  • Maintain the financial accounts of the company
  • Track transactions and their implications along the company’s supply chain Monitor the economic or potential financial impact of action on stakeholders of the company
  • Prepare the company financial statements
  • Analyze results through key financial ratios

Full Throttle utilizes active learning and allows the learner to see the physical flow of dollars in and out of the company before putting numbers to paper. This methodology has proven to increase knowledge and retention. Learners are encouraged to make connections to what they already know.


Full Throttle was lauded by HR Executive magazine as a Top Training Product of the year. Contact us today to find out what has the learning community buzzing!


Material: Board-based business simulation.

Number of Participants: From eight to thirty-two participants at any one time. Participants are grouped in teams of four or five people. One facilitator for every eight to 32 people.

Participants: Employees at a team leader level and above.

Time Required: Full Throttle is designed in a modular fashion allowing the learning to be scheduled in four-hour increments. Total time required is eight hours.

Facilitator: Facilitators are certified by Solutions House, or Solutions House is available to deliver your programs for you.

Customization: Full Throttle is built with an open architecture to allow for ease of customization.

Contact David Hutchens today for information about
Full Throttle, The Game of Business Finance and Strategy,
or visit his partners at Solutions House.




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