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"David Hutchens' Learning Fables are like tuning forks
evoking a rich orchestral range of possibilities in our minds..."

-Michael Jones, Composer, Recording Artist, Lecturer
and Author of "Creating an Imaginative Life"


All around the world, organizations are discovering the power of Learning Fables! So why are serious corporations, government agencies, school boards, churches and other organizations all stepping into the imaginary worlds of wolves, cave people, penguins and lemmings?

Because its fun... and fun is a powerful tool for learning. Through the use of humor, metaphor and allegory, people in organizations are adopting a new language for talking about the difficult (and sometimes painful) issues that face them.

The Fables introduce the disciplines of organizational learning, simply and clearly.


Outlearning the Wolves:
Surviving and Thriving in a Learning Organization
The original classic, now in its second edition, introduces the key ideas of the learning organization, and answers the question "what does a learning organization actually look like?"

"Laugh-out-loud funny and charmingly illustrated... should be required reading for anyone trying to institutionalize learning."
-Training and Development Magazine

"Using humor to teach organizational learning is a hit. Now when I talk to groups about organizational learning, we have a shared experience to draw upon. The story and ideas were so compelling that in just three days our organization of 700+ employees were all talking about Outlearning the Wolves. I will be looking for an opportunity to share Shadows of the Neanderthal, too."

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Shadows of the Neanderthal:
Illuminating the Beliefs that Limit Our Organization
Boogie the caveman is on a journey to see the world that lies outside of his cave... and beyond his lenses of perception. Boogie's grammar may be atrocious, but his insights into mental models offer dramatic leverage for change.

"Finally, a clear and powerful resource that helps both sides of our brain understand how to expand our individual and organizational thinking."

-Dawna Markova, Ph.D., co-author, An Unused Intelligence

 "David Hutchens has done it again! In Shadows of the Neanderthal, you will meet the cavemen and through their story, will learn how to surface, share and challenge hidden beliefs and to recognize how they inform what we do. The story is very engaging and is followed by a very helpful discussion on Mental Models that can help organizations break free from the unspoken assumptions that cause conflict and limit progress."

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The Tip of the Iceberg:
Managing the Hidden Forces that can Make or Break Your Organization
The penguins need the walruses. The walruses need the clams. That's the simple beginning of a story that yields surprising comlexity. Explore the dynamics of systems thinking, and learn why the most obvious organiztional interventions are seldom the most sustainable ones.

"Another in the wonderful Learning Fables series by Pegasus, and more evidence that systems thinking requires the child in the adult, and the adult in the child. What is there to gain from this likable story? As it turns out, quite a bit."
-Peter M. Senge, author of
The Fifth Discipline

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The Lemming Dilemma:
Living with Purpose, Leading with Vision
"What do you want to create?" A simple question with profound possibilities. Perhaps the most uniquely personal of all of the Learning Fables, The Lemming Dilemma will lead you on a journey of personal mastery.

"We each long to discover an authentic living style, a way of being with ourselves that is aligned with our deeper nature. David Hutchens meets this longing with his imaginative telling of The Lemming Dilemma. His message is inspiring and clear; The way out of this historic dilemma is to be who we truly are, which includes creating from what we hold most deeply and passionately in our hearts. Living is our art, he suggests. When we create from what we love, we offer the world the gift of ourselves. This is also his challenge, because the world asks for nothing less from us now."
Michael Jones,pianist, composer,
educator and author of Creating an Imaginative Life

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Listening to the Volcano:
Conversations that Open our Minds to New Possibilities

Explore the discipline of dialogue by entering a land where words have strange physical properties... and that pesky volcano could go off at any moment. This Learning Fable is a perfect follow up to "Shadows of the Neanderthal," and answers "how can we explore our mental models together?"

"The author has made an important contribution by creating a simple yet elegant and accurate descrition of dialogue, its essential nature and its value."
-Glenna Gerard, coauthor of Dialogue: Rediscover the Transforming Power of Conversation

"This lovely fable helps all of us become more aware of the importance of dialogue in shaping the way we live our lives--in our families, in our communities, and in our organizations."
—Juanita Brown and David Isaacs, co-originators, The World Café


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